1920's styled Blue pearl necklace

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This is a unique long necklace brings together multiple shades of blue and copper.  Beads that express mood via temperature are entertained with elements of copper, and both pale and bold shades of blue. This piece is bohemian and may be worn long, wrapped, and layered for a classic look that exudes an admiration for the past and the exhilaration of the future. True blue and elegant boutique fashion like you! Amazing one of a kind art that is never duplicated!   If you know someone who longs Mary Janes and dropped waste dresses this is the perfect gift


  • Steel clasp
  • cable wire
  • glass baby blue pearls
  • mood beads
  • Sits a belly button area
  • can be wrapped for a layered look
  • comes with a complementary sewn grip bag for storage
  • gift wrap is available