1970's inspired Fairytale necklace

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Handmade of glass and stainless steel elements the hues of lavender and earth green dance together in a way that brings to mind a mythical garden where the footsteps of fairies dance upon the soft shimmer of light gracefully provided by the glow bugs. This piece is sure to capture your imagination and provide a whimsical bohemian flair as unique as you.  Buy this for you or that special someone now, because when this item is gone it is gone.

I love fairy gardens. I love movies with fairies in it. I have a pixie haircut! When I get the chance I sketch fairy gardens. So of course I would have to create a necklace to represent that. When you look at this necklace you will think of a fairy garden at sunset with lanterns.


  • made of glass beads
  • beading wire
  • lobster claw
  • longer style necklace that lays at the lower rib cage area